What you will learn


Studies show being positive, grateful, generous and kind brings healing in every area. It makes us happier, more energetic, athletic, creative and intelligent. It helps us succeed above the curve in every area of our lives.

Change the Negative Behaviors and Attitiudes

Get to the root of your child’s negative behaviors and attitudes; they originated with a thought. Each day is filled with opportunities to teach and guide our children to right thinking, positive thinking. Stinky Thoughts is filled with the information and teaching tools your child needs to reach his or her full potential and succeed in all areas of life.


True Happiness comes from a deepening of our character, love, gentleness, contentment, righteousness and faith. Only a truly principled life is a happy and successful life.

Life Changing

Change your life in an instant by changing your mind. Change your thoughts; change your life, change mankind. “The Principles of primitive Christianity shall change the face of the world” -Benjamin Franklin.