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Stinky Thoughts

You Are What You Think

It is a unchanging, time-tested, proven, principle of life, that we become what we think. Principles Don’t change. If your thoughts stink your life will too!

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Jud Wilhite

Jud Wilhite

“No more allowing stinky thoughts to stink up your life! This book is both profound and simple. Mary Ross does an awesome job showing how we can improve our lives by thinking about the right things. This is a message I want to live out and pass on to my kids.” Jud Wilhite, Author of Pursued, Sr. pastor of Central Christian Church

CBM Christian Book Reviews

CBM Christian Book Reviews

10.0 out of 10.0 Stars "A wonderfully fun way to teach children to focus on “good” thoughts and behavior, while teaching them God’s Word and principles" ~ CBM Christian Book Reviews

Stinky Thoughts: You Are What You Think *by Mary Ross gives children a cute, simple and fun book about training your mind to think good thoughts, aiding in the development of positive thinking patterns. Comparing negative thoughts to stinky garbage, this colorful illustrated book gives children positive attitudes and thought patterns that coincide with godly behavior (i.e. the fruits of the Spirit). The author delicately explains with the use of a cute little tweedy bird and a young girl that your thoughts matter and that you become what you think. The thoughts you think become your actions, so thinking the “right” thoughts and focusing your mind on being kind, loving, unselfish and giving is the best way to be. When we think selfish, mean or greedy thoughts, this doesn’t give us joy. Children will love the bright illustrations and the ease with which the author tells them that “bad thoughts” are stinky, like garbage. Encouraging, uplifting and entertaining children will be delighted to know that having bad thoughts is not something they should let stay in their mind. The author has also included at the end of the book a few pages of scripture to imprint God’s Word on little minds and hearts. This is a wonderful way to feed your child God’s Word, giving them truth in their inner being that will last them a lifetime. As the author states, doing this is one of the best things parents can do for their children. Perfect as a gift or for your own child, this book comes highly recommended as a must-read for any young child (ages 5-12).

What you will learn


Studies show being positive, grateful, generous and kind brings healing in every area. It makes us happier, more energetic, athletic, creative and intelligent. It helps us succeed above the curve in every area of our lives.

Change the Negative Behaviors and Attitiudes

Get to the root of your child’s negative behaviors and attitudes; they originated with a thought. Each day is filled with opportunities to teach and guide our children to right thinking, positive thinking. Stinky Thoughts is filled with the information and teaching tools your child needs to reach his or her full potential and succeed in all areas of life.


True Happiness comes from a deepening of our character, love, gentleness, contentment, righteousness and faith. Only a truly principled life is a happy and successful life.

Life Changing

Change your life in an instant by changing your mind. Change your thoughts; change your life, change mankind. “The Principles of primitive Christianity shall change the face of the world” -Benjamin Franklin.

About the author

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Mary Ross

Mary Ross’s award winning poem Don’t Take our Babies was published in Under a Quicksilver Moon. Mary is the founder of the non- profit organization Angel Wings. She is a certified christian counselor, counseling women in crisis situations for nearly a decade. She is also a speaker and independent film maker, as well as an avid reader and runner. Mary resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her husband of twenty-six years and her four children.

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